Every day there are numerous ships on the move on MarineTraffic which, for various reasons, head for a wide variety of ports. Whether the classic cargo ship with hundreds of containers or a large yacht on which free days can be spent relaxing. Many people are interested in the traffic of the ships and for this reason would like to follow it very much. Thanks to the ship radar, this is no longer a problem, because thanks to Marinetraffic.com, most ships can now be tracked with little effort.

When to use Marinetraffic?

Why do you need marine traffic? The marine traffic can be used in many different areas. Some people simply use it out of interest in the cruise, others want to know where friends are currently on a cruise, e.g. is the cruise ship on schedule? Or does a ship arrive at the port on time? Some use it to track a ship whether a delivery of goods arrives on time from other countries. But there are also many other areas where ship radar or marine traffic can be used.

Marine Traffic’s Features & Applications

If you want to follow the ship traffic or want to follow cruise ships then you have come to the right place at Marinetraffic. Probably the largest provider of ship tracking is Marinetraffic. With the radar you can have all ships shown around the world, from speedboats to AIDA Cruises. With just one click, you can find out all the important information about the ship in question. For example, you will find out the name, the exact ship’s position, speed, status and the exact position. In addition to the information, there are also countless pictures of the individual ships that can be viewed. In the following list you will find all ships that are transmitted with the trip data:

  • Speed ​​and course of the ship
  • Exact ship position
  • Load condition & dangerous goods class
  • Draft
  • Ship data e.g. name, ship type etc.
  • IMO number (is the unique ship number)
  • ENI number (European Number of Identification = uniform registration number for ships)
  • MMSI number.
  • Ship data on navigation status

Marinetraffic app

With the right browser, you have the option of using the site without a special app or programs on your smartphone or tablet. However, there is an even more effective way to use marine traffic more effectively. For this reason, a suitable app is available in the app stores of the various operators, which you can install with little effort.

A clear layout with a modern design is used so that you can find your way around the app immediately. There is simply no easier or faster way to get the information you want. Most of the time you don’t even need a time to get used to it, the intuitive design provides the corresponding advantages.

In addition, you have the free choice whether you opt for the free or the paid version for your device. Both versions offer you both advantages and disadvantages in terms of use. So the free app is always the right choice if you only want to use it sporadically.

Because the simple and most important functions are of course also included in the free one and can be used without restrictions. The large map with the important ships around the world can be called up and viewed here, so you don’t have to compromise here.

MarineTraffic is available for:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • MarineTraffic shows iPhone users the data of ships.

The free version of the MarineTraffic app shows you the ship positions in real time together with the registration numbers (IMO) of the ship.

The full version of MarineTraffic offers a variety of additional functions, including search options, comprehensive ship data, extended ship information, ship photos and more.

  • Available for Android and Aррlе smartphones and devices
  • For Apple: requires iOS 3.2 and later
  • For Andrоid: requires Android 1.6 and later
  • Tested tests: Apple version 2.0.1 on iPod with GPS and Android version 0.9.3 on an
  • A1 7-inch tablet with Android 2.3.4